Laugh. Share. Explore. Heal.

These are the words imprinted on the back of the t-shirt that every camper and counselor wears at
Camp STAR. They define the weekend journey that young campers, age 8-17, navigate as they learn to
cope with the loss of a loved one. Camp STAR (Sharing Together and Remembering) enables youngsters
to grieve with others who understand, and to accept that it’s okay to have fun.

“I was scared at first because I didn’t want to just be sad and have to talk to people about my
grandpa dying. I was 10 and was afraid that I might cry. When I got to Camp, I realized that I
was not the only person that was feeling that way. The whole time I was there I got to do
things that made me happy and laugh. Even when I felt sad, there was someone there for me.”

We’re there for them, because you’re there for us. Camp STAR is provided at no cost to families, thanks
to you. Please consider supporting STAR Children’s Bereavement Services with a donation today. Every gift means the world to us, as does your loyal support. On behalf of our campers, thank you for
everything that you do to make Camp STAR, Wonder Box, and Best Day possible!