Here you may find additional information resources about grief, related organizations, and movements. You will also find links to the applications for campers and buddies for the 2016 camp.


Grieving and Loss
Preschool/School Age
Cancer Resources
Preschool/School Age
Web Resources

Grief/Loss Book List

Preschool/School Age

  • A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret Holmes
    A story for children who have experienced a trauma and ways to help cope with the aftermath.
  • The Blue Pearls by Elizabeth Stuart Warfel
    A mystical story that looks at a mother’s journey to leaving her children and joining the angels.
  • The Empty Place by Roberta Temes
    A story that helps guide children through the grief process after a sibling dies.
  • The Kissing Hand
    By Audrey Penn
    A story using animals to portray family bonds even during separation and grief.
  • Lifetimes by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen
    A look at what life and death means for plants, animals, and people.
  • Lost and Found by Ellen Yeomans
    A story of a sibling’s experience and feelings while coping with her sister’s death.
  • The Memory Box by Kirsten McLaughlin
    A straightforward book that helps explain death, feelings surrounding a death, and ideas for creating a memory box.
  • The Next Place by Warren Hanson
    A poetic story that looks at a beautiful place following death.
  • No More Tears in Heaven by Sharon Bowman
    A religious story that explores what heaven is like.
  • The Purple Balloon by Chris Paschloa
    A simple story for children about dying.
  • Someone I Love Died by Christine Tangvald
    A religious book about helping a child understand and cope with a death of a loved one.
  • Tear Soup by Pat Schwiebert and Churck DeKlyen
    A story with religious tones illustrating ways of grieving after a loss.
  • This Book is for All Kids, but Especially my Sister Libby. Libby Died. by Jack Simon, age 5
    A book that helps children explore questions that arise when someone dies, with religious tones.
  • Water Bugs & Dragonflies by Doris Stickney
    An abstract story that looks at the separation between death and dying.
  • We were gonna have a baby, but We had an angel instead by Pat Schwiebert
    A book for young siblings when a newborn baby dies.
  • What About Me? When Brothers and Sisters get Sick by Allan Peterkin
    A book exploring a siblings questions and worries when a child is critically ill.
  • What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? by Trevor Romain
    Helpful ideas and answers to many questions kids will face when someone they love has died.
  • What’s Heaven? by Maria Shriver
    A religious book about a great grandmother’s death and a child’s questions about death and heaven.
  • When Dinosaurs Die by Laurie and Marc Brown
    A guide to helping children ask and answer questions about death, and ways to cope with loss.
  • Where’s Jess? by Joy & Marv Johnson
    A simple, concrete story that explains death for young children
  • You’ve Got Dragons by Kathryn Cave
    A thoughtful story that looks at a child’s anxiety and fears and how to cope with them.


  • Fire in my Heart, Ice In my Veins by Enid Samuel-Traisman
    A journal book to help teens cope with grief and the many questions surrounding a loss.


  • Bring Me the Ocean by Rebecca Reynolds
    A collection of short stories that incorporates nature, animals, and arts into lessons and thoughts about life transitions.
  • Children Die, Too by Joy and Dr. S.M. Johnson
    A book for parents who have experienced the death of a child.
  • Children Grieve, Too by Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson
    An explanation of children’s grief reaction by age, and tips for funerals and wakes.
  • Helping Children Cope with Death by the Dougy Center
    A guidebook to help understand a child’s grief.
  • Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One by William Kroen
    Advice for helping children, with various age specifications, during the loss of a loved one.
  • Helping Children Grieve and Grow by Donna O’Toole
    A booklet for learning about how children experience grieve, and what adults can do to help.
  • Home Care for Seriously Ill Children: A Manual for Parents by Children’s Hospice International
    An in-depth look at hospice care and things for parents to take into consideration.
  • How to Help Children Through a Parent’s Serious Illness by Kathleen McCue
    Practical advice for helping children cope during a parent’s illness and death.
  • The Journey through Grief Hospice of Michigan
    A pamphlet discussing grief reactions and ways to help.
  • Lessons from Lions Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    Slides and scripts to explore grief with children using the story of the Lion King.
  • Shelter from the Storm by Joanne Hilden and Daniel Tobin
    How to cope and care for a child with a life-threatening condition.
  • Talking About Death by Earl A. Grollman
    A compassionate guide for adults and children to read together, a read-along story and answers to questions children ask about death.
  • Talking with Children About Loss by Maria Trozzi
    Words, strategies, and wisdom to help children cope with death, divorce, and other difficult times.

Cancer Resources

Preschool/School Age

  • Alex’s Journey by American Brain Tumor Association
    The story of a child with a brain tumor and his journey in the hospital.
  • Angels & Monsters by Lisa Murray & Billy Howard
    A collection of quotes and pictures by many children living with cancer.
  • Hope the Bear by Lynette Wilhardt & Barbara Granoff
    A journal book for children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer
  • I’d Rather Be Swimming Leukemia Society of America
    An interactive journal book that helps children explore a new diagnosis and the hospital experience.
  • Life Isn’t Always a Day at the Beach by Pam Ganz
    A journal book about coping with cancer.
  • Sammie’s New Mask National Children’s Cancer Society
    A coloring book for friends or siblings visiting a child with cancer in the hospital.

Web Resources

  • Hello, Grief: A place to share and learn about grief and loss.
  • Sesame Workshop: Grief Resources.
  • Coping Club: Kids helping kids cope with medical conditions.
  • The Dougy Center: The National Center for Grieving Children & Families.
  • The Moyer Foundation: Helping Children in Distress.
  • Michigan Network for Grieving Children
  • The Compassionate Friends – Supporting a Family After a Child Dies
  • Children’s Bereavement Network / Camp Live, Laugh, Love

How Children Grieve & How to Support Them.